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SSE Riga faculty experts available to comment on various topics.

Morten Hansen -
Head of Economics Department

  • Macroeconomic issues in general and the Euro
  • Economic growth
  • Monetary policy and fiscal policy in particular

Arnis Sauka -
Associate Professor, Head of the Centre for Sustainable Business at SSE Riga

  • Shadow economy
  • Competitiveness
  • Foreign investment

Anete Pajuste -
Associate Professor

  • Corporate governance
  • Company valuation
  • Stock market investing

Xavier Landes -
Assistant Professor

  • Business ethics
  • The welfare state and social policies (e.g. public insurance)
  • Regulation of markets
  • Happiness studies
  • Income, wealth and health inequalities
  • Environmental sustainability and climate change
  • Multiculturalism and nationalism
  • Business ethics: conflicts of interest, regulatory capture, corporate behaviours, revolving doors

Talis Putnins -
Assistant Professor

  • Financial markets
  • Financial market structure and regulation
  • Insider trading
  • Market manipulation
  • Financial economics

Aivars Timofejevs -
Research Associate, Head of the Entrepreneurship Support Centre at SSE Riga

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Entrepreneurial support and its efficiency
  • Regional development
  • Internationalization and EU development
  • Real estate

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