Staff directory

Name: Department Position
Banziņa Elīna Languages Faculty Assistant Professor. Lecturer: BSc Course: Academic English; BSc Elective Courses: Business Correspondence, English Pronunciation; EMBA Course: Academic Writing
Beņkovskis Konstantīns Economics Faculty Associate Professor. BSc Courses: Econometrics; International Economics; Economics Specialization. Assisting in BSc courses Statistics; Market Research
Branch John D. Visiting Faculty Lecturer. EMBA Course: Management - Marketing
Breggin Benjamin Languages Faculty Lecturer
Dauksta Vanda Business and Management Faculty Academic Advisor. Lecturer. BSc Courses: Study Skills, Presentation Skills
Fatullayeva Nushaba Research Researcher at the Centre for Media Studies at SSE Riga
Garančs Rihards Visiting Faculty Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: Excel Advanced; EMBA Course: Big Data
Gavoille Nicolas Economics Faculty Assistant Professor. BSc courses: Mathematics; Econometrics; Managerial Economics
Gleizdāne Inga Visiting Faculty Associate Professor. Lecturer. BSc Course: Human Resource Management
Graudiņš Māris Visiting Faculty Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: EU Institution and Their Impact on Business
Hansen Morten Economics Faculty Head of Economics Department. BSc Courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economic Statistics; EMBA Courses: Global Economics
Hellström Katerina Visiting Faculty Lecturer. EMBA Courses: Financial Accounting
Hilmarsson Hilmar Thor Economics Faculty Visiting Professor
Hunter Mark Visiting Faculty Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: Communication for Leaders
Jafarov Elchin Visiting Faculty Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: Financial Mathematics
Jascisens Vitalijs Research Research Associate
Jemberga Sanita Visiting Faculty Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: Introduction to Media Literacy
Kampars Atis Visiting Faculty Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: Visual Intelligence
Kariņa-Bērziņa Ingrīda Visiting Faculty Lecturer. BSc course: Business Law; EMBA course: Law for Managers
Kaša Rita Business and Management Faculty Assistant Professor; Research Fellow (on academic leave)