Department of Economics

The Department of Economics is comprised of a diverse group of members: permanent staff and visiting staff, academics, and persons with experience from the private and public sectors. Faculty members have accumulated living, teaching/studying and work experience from countries including but not limited to the United Kingdom, the USA, Denmark, China, Latvia, Estonia, Australia, Hungary, and Russia. In addition to teaching and conducting research, the Economics Department is highly visible in the economic-political debate arena in Latvia, via conferences, seminars, newspaper columns and blogs. 

Hansen Morten , Head of Economics Department

 Department of Business and Management

The Department of Business and Management applies an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research in business, management and related fields. The diverse academic and professional backgrounds of the faculty members are reflected in their research interests, which include economic anthropology, education, entrepreneurship, marketing, psychology and public administration. The faculty plays an active role in Latvian public discussion within its fields of expertise through participation in various governmental working groups, as invited speakers and experts, and through media.

Department of Languages

The Department of Languages is committed to maintaining SSE Riga students’ high level of English while encouraging them to acquire other languages. As advanced English skills are required for admission, English is taught only at the specialisation level. In the first semester of Year 1, students take an intensive mandatory course, Academic English, the aim of which is to cultivate fluency and a clear, concise style in report writing. English is later evaluated on major reports to ensure on-going quality. Throughout their studies, students may furthermore elect to take other languages. The current offerings are Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Latvian and Russian. All are offered at two levels: elementary and intermediate. For more advanced learning in these languages, students are encouraged to apply for an exchange semester in Year 3 and for summer internships in the respective region. 

Selected Faculty Publications

Faculty List

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