Calendar 2018

Calendar 2018



February 21

Open Lecture with Kerstin Weigl “Violence against women – private family matters or a society problem?”

February 22

Workshop for journalists “How to report on violence against women?”

February 23-24

Russian Language Media Network safety training

February 26-March 2

FOJO Media Management programme: Strategy and Accounting

March 16

Media Law seminar in Daugavpils

March 23

Latvia’s Journalists Association Annual Conference and Award Ceremony

March 27

Media Law seminar in Tallinn

May 5-6

Future Leaders Academy: Module 1

May 5-11

Entrepreneurship programme in Estonia

May 10

Olaf Palme Lecture with Bo Rothstein

May 17-19

 May 17-19 Digital Journalism program in Minsk, Belarus  (Module 1)

May 18-20

Future Leaders Academy: Module 2

May 21-25

FOJO Media Management programme: Marketing

May 25-26

Digital Journalism program in Minsk, Belarus (Module 2)

June 1-3

Future Leaders Academy: Module 3

June 11-15

Journalism Summer School in Estonia

June 15-17

Future Leaders Academy: Module 4

June 29-30

Seminars and activities at festival LAMPA

June 29-July 1

Future Leaders Academy: Module 5

August 16-19

Summer School on Investigative Reporting for Professional Journalists

September 3-7

Journalism for Future Challenges Module 1

October 22-26

Media management program, Mini-MBA, Module 1

November 2

Greste Baltic Freedom of Speech Award Ceremony

November 5-9

FOJO Media Management program: Module 1

November 8

Macroeconomics for Journalists (Investigative Reporting), Module 1

November 15

Macroeconomics for Journalists, Module 2

November 22

Macroeconomics for Journalists, Module 3

November 26-30

Journalism for Future Challenges (Investigative Reporting), Module 2

November 27 Macroeconomics for Journalists, Module 4
October 6 Macroeconomics for Journalists, Module 5

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