The Baltic Journalist Travel Grant

Aim of the Baltic Journalist Travel Grant is to encourage first–hand, comprehensive coverage and reporting in various forms from the areas affected by the migration and refugee crisis.

Recipients of the “Baltic Journalist Travel Fund”

The following journalists have been selected to receive the travel grant in 2016:
  • Astrid Kannel, Estonia, Estonian Public Broadcasting, reporting on the situation on the Turkish-Syrian border and how Turkey can manage to solve the problems connected to the refugee crisis. Amount granted: 2500 Euro.
  • Monika Midveryte, Lithuania, "", making a documentary about the towns where refugees are established, trying to start a new life. Amount granted: 2490 Euro.
  • Toms Ancītis, Latvia, “Latvijas Avīze”, Latvian Public Radio Broadcaster Latvijas Radio, German public broadcasters WDR, MDR, Deutschlandfunk and  DW. Covering the migrants who currently are living in Germany and are the subject of the removal orders (Ausreisepflichtige). Amount granted: 660 Euro.
  • Uldis Abolins, Latvia, LNT, MTG-TV Latvia, producing a series of news reports from the Greek island of Lesbos, where refugees are selected for resettlement in Latvia according to the European Commission’s quota system. Amount granted: 1970 Euro.
  • Kārlis Dagilis, Latvia, a freelance journalist, covering the “Refugees Welcome” movement in Spain and show the experience of people who welcomed refugees into their homes and refugees as well. Amount granted: 1150 Euro.
  • Viktorija Mickutė, Lithuania, Lithuanian National Television, covering the refugees from Sicily who are working in former mafia fields. Amount granted: 2300 Euro.
  • Laura Mallene, Estonia, Eesti Päevaleht,, covering the refugees form Sicily topic, their integration and possible risks and tell the human stories of migrants/refugees and how this new challenge for Italy will demand the attention of Europe. Amount granted: 2500 Euro.
  • Paulius Ramanauskas, Lithuania,, producing a series of articles with embedded video reports, exposing the migrant abuse issue by covering it in Lebanon. Amount granted: 1190 Euro.
  • Ieva Pukite,  Latvia,"Ir", "Cits medijs". Reporting about Syrian refugee community located in northernmost Europe – right next to the Arctic Circle, in Akureyri municipality, Iceland and their social worker, who is a Latvian. Amount granted:  678 
The Selection Committee consists of representatives from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the Foundation for Open Society “Dots”, the Latvian Journalist Association and the Centre for Media Studies at SSE Riga.
Grants are funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. Media representatives from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are eligible to apply. Destination may be any European country or other country that is directly related to the refugee crisis, except for war zones.

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