Entrepreneurship Support Centre

The Entrepreneurship Support Centre (ESC) at SSE Riga organises activities to foster entrepreneurship,  and motivates, educates, and supports young people willing to start their own businesses.

Mission & Vision

Foster an entrepreneurial environment at SSE Riga, in Latvia, and throughout the Baltics.
Build the largest and  most active entrepreneurial community in the Baltics, and become a regionally recognised hub for entrepreneurship-related activities.


  • Become the pioneer in bringing the best entrepreneurship-related projects to Latvia and the Baltics.
  • Become the key dialogue platform for entrepreneurship support resources in Latvia and in the Baltics.
  • Become the hub for entrepreneurship-related education, knowledge, and experience-sharing programmes.
  • Foster cross-functional knowledge sharing and entrepreneurial engagement.

The Centre provides:

  • Knowledge: A mentorship programme, networking opportunities, tailored matchmaking, accounting and legal support, strategic consulting mentors;
  •  A creative and interactive atmosphere: Monthly meetings, daily discussions - on issues, successes, and challenges;
  • Infrastructure: Office, internet, printer, phone, fax, meeting room.

Application Process


To join the Entrepreneurship Support Centre:

  1. Go to  http://tarkus.me/post/61028067489/lean-startup-canvas-template
  2. Register and fill in the form
  3. Click ‘Save’
  4. Click ‘Save as PDF’
  5. Send your PDF to: esc@sseriga.edu


We will arrange a meeting to discuss your plans and see how the Entrepreneurship Support Centre can help them to come true.


Entrepreneurship Support Centre Coordinator
Kārlis Zenne
Phone: +371 29324718

Entrepreneurship Support Centre Consultant
Oskars Gauks
Phone: +371 29924540

You can find us at:
Entrepreneurship Support Centre at SSE Riga
Strelnieku iela 4a, Room 515
Riga, LV-1010, Latvia

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