Nordea Business School

The Nordea Business School is a dedicated support programme for new entrepreneurs that offers a free-of-charge training cycle of six months, in cooperation with the leading business consultants and personnel-training companies in Latvia.

Partners in the Nordea Business School include SSE Riga and the SSE Riga Mentor Club. SSE Riga alumni and faculty members are among the lecturers.

The Nordea Business School is aimed at strengthening small and medium-sized enterprises, by educating young entrepreneurs in raising funds, in marketing and sales, and in legal issues and financial planning, to provide the practical knowledge and consultancy support needed to properly develop their businesses and promote business viability.

The programme embraces a full set of business start-up measures, from the business plan to the basics of brand development, selling, and team-creation skills, and offers individual coaching sessions and mentoring advice on the appropriate structure for a business. SSE Riga encourages you to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Nordea Business School

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