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The Student Association Board is the student representative body at SSE Riga. The presidential team and the chairpersons of seven committees are elected by SSE Riga students and work for a year to benefit the lives of SSE Riga students. According to the articles of the Student Association of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, every person studying at SSE Riga is eligible to become a member of the Student Association. Currently the Student Association has more than 300 members.


The President of the Student Association (SA) is the person responsible for the vision, strategic planning and budgeting of the SA. The duties of the President include organising the SA internally and externally by conducting the Board Meetings, keeping close contact with SSE Riga administration, Alumni Association and SASSE, attending public events, and representing students both in the eyes of faculty and to the outside community. The President takes full responsibility for everything the SA does, therefore it is mandatory for the President to possess highly-developed skills of leadership, and to build a well-organized team that follows the long-term vision of the SA.

Vice President

The Vice President of Student Association is a position with quite a wide range of responsibilities. The main duties are directly related to the board internal development, which includes motivating the committees’ chairpersons, and measuring the performance of the board, through regular one-on-one meetings. One of the other weekly activity he is involved in, is meeting the president. Such meetings aim to set specific goals and objectives for the short term operations, assist in decision-making in all SA’s operations, and report to the president about each committee’s progress. The Vice President is directly obligated to replace the President, if needed, thus has to possess all the communication and management skills. This position allows a lot of flexibility, and the action partly depends on a person elected. One should be socially active and take part in school events to get familiar with all sides of student life.

Business Committee Chairperson

Business Committee Chairperson has a quite pivotal role in the Student Association. Person in this position is responsible for providing the SA with financial and non-financial resources to improve the study life experience beyond the academics at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. Business Committee Chairperson cooperates with Public Relations Committee, Days of Opportunities, Insider magazine and other organizations within SSER in order to strengthen the employer brand of the SA partners. Day-to-day activities of the Business Committee include organizing and attending meetings with potential and current partners, attracting sponsors for the SA events, providing advice for other organizations and continuously developing the structure of all the operations within the Committee to achieve these goals effectively. Business Committee Chairperson needs to possess high leadership skills, enthusiasm to develop negotiation, strategy and employer branding skills as well as an ability to think beyond the sale and to build real relationships instead.

Education Committee Chairperson

Mission: The goal of Education Committee is to (1) connect the most important bodies of SSE Riga – students and administration (2) improve the quality of education SSE Riga is offering and well-being of SSE students.Education Committee is a link between SSE Riga students and the administration and the faculty. Education Committee chairperson participates in monthly Advisory Board meetings and takes part in development of policies and strategies aimed at achieving the school’s objectives in teaching and learning. In order to ensure that each student experiences the exceptional learning process, the committee conducts evaluations and feedback sessions for all the courses, as well as leads diverse projects and organizes guest-lecturing events. Apart from these primary responsibilities, Education Committee supports SSE Riga students by running preparatory sessions for re-examinations and bringing student concerns to the attention of the faculty.

Public Relations Committee Chairperson

The Public Relations Committee Chairperson is the one who is responsible for the SA public image, appearance and all the latest information. Its aim is for the SA and SSE Riga brand to be as popular and well-perceived as possible. This mostly involves taking care of the visual solutions of both the Student Association and any other organizations seeking assistance: starting from party posters, pictures and visualisations of various kinds; up until internal projects such as business cards and presentations. Another side of the PR Committee’s life is updating all the social media sites with the latest information and keeping the followers entertained with all of the freshest bits of news regarding the SA or any of its events. While most of the time PR Committee Chairperson is helping other committees with support for their events, there are several PR Committee projects as well, probably the most important being the annual SSE Riga fashion collection.

Event Committee Chairperson

Mission: Provide a professional and unique opportunity for SSE Riga students to interact and go beyond the emotional borders.There are many events and activities happening in SSE Riga that one may know about, but when it comes to parties, they must be a blast. This is where steps in. The Event Committee Chairperson organizes most of the parties starting from Newcomers Camp and ending with the Graduation Party. Coming up with the right theme, arranging technical equipment, inviting the best DJs and negotiating the best deals are only few of the responsibilities. Event Committee requires the most diverse set of knowledge and skills for never-ending growth, and committee’s performance throughout the whole organization process. Results of Event Committee projects can be seen monthly, when SSE Riga premises turn into the best party place in town.

Sport Committee Chairperson

Mission: To provide students and faculty with opportunities to enrich life with sports and make their free time as enjoyable as possible.He is in charge of everything connected to sports in the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and has ability and freedom to introduce new projects upon need. duties can be divided into two parts: weekly practices supervising and event organizing.The Sports Committee is responsible for constructing the most suitable and efficient training schedule according to the students’ needs by negotiating contracts with venue owners.The Sports Committee also organizes many different events. In addition to some traditional events like the Winter and Summer Symposiums, the Committee tries to implement new innovative ideas like the Golf tournament. Furthermore, the Sports Committee is responsible for taking SSE Riga students to various competitions outside our community in order to compete with students from other universities.

Information Committee Chairperson

The Information Committee is the most reliable source of information when it comes to internal communication. Its main mission is to provide students with information that is essential for further development of their personality, and increase the awareness about the SA activities through the mass media resources, and even further-outside the walls of the university, with the help of printed media, educational websites etc. The Information Committee’s is performing on a longer term than all other committees as it starts taking care of Y1s by sending them the Newcomers Guide before they enter the doors of SSE Riga and ending up with handing in the Yearbook at the Graduation Ceremony. During the year, you will be reminded of the Information Committee every time you’ll receive monthly reports about the SA activities, Advisory Board Meeting Minutes, as well as a lot of informative e-mails.

IT Committee Chairperson

Mission: Assisting student organizations in development and maintenance of IT solutions; providing students with opportunity to acquire technical skills necessary for their future careers; and assisting with minor technical problems students might encounter in their student activities.No modern organization can survive without an informative website. No modern event can survive without an online promotion page. No modern initiative can survive without an online communication channel. With only a few tech-savvy students being accepted to our university each year, the IT committee exists to centralize and direct the scarce IT force available. In order to deliver work with quality and security in a timely manner, procedures and regulations, containing years of accumulated experience, are internally followed. The scope of IT solutions delivered by the IT committee is quite wide, however. Besides high-tech web solutions, IT committee is also there to ensure effective infrastructure that functions as a bridge between other committees and even student organizations. Finally, IT committee is there, when any student needs IT help with their device or software.

Chief Accountant

Student Association’s Chief Accountant position is most suitable for a person with great sense of responsibility and who doesn’t mind working with numbers. The chief accountant is part of the SA Board and is responsible for all SA’s expenses being paid on time, as well as collecting checks, invoices and other documents from the board, committees and all the organizations. Furthermore, the chief accountant is responsible for communicating with the State Revenue Service (VID) as well as the Register of Enterprises (Uzņēmumu Reģistrs). Therefore, this position calls for at least basic knowledge of Latvian. The accountant has to prepare different statements during the year to show the legal authorities how the SA Board, its committees and the organizations have performed throughout the fiscal year. The accountant has access to all of the SA’s corresponding bank accounts and cash and is able to provide up to date information about the financial resources available to the organizations and the SA. And remember, the chief accountant receives a salary!



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