Mentor Club

Mentor Club

The SSE Riga Mentor Club provides mentoring support to companies with growth potential that have the ambition to pursue their business development.

Mentors of the SSE Riga Mentor Club are those SSE Riga alumni who have gained significant business and management experience. Currently they are recognized as experts in various business areas such as finance, venture capital management, marketing, advertisement, PR, ICT, IT, sales, consultancy, production etc.

Mentoring includes help from a business person who has been there and done it already and who has a highly developed sense of business practices. Business mentors support companies with practical management and business advice, consultations, feedback on various business development scenarios, contacts, options for solutions etc. Mentoring support provided by the SSE Riga Mentor Club is a great way to advance one’s business thinking.

The SSE Riga Mentor Club organizes up to 10 meetings a year. During meetings, mentors discuss specific up-to-date business issues and follow the presentations of the companies that have been granted business mentoring support. The presentations are followed with discussions in which mentors can analyze business cases and identify possible development opportunities. Resulting from the discussions, a company is matched with a mentor.

Application Process

Any company interested in receiving mentoring support can apply by filling in the application form provided by the SSE Riga Mentor Club. For further details please contact the SSE Riga Mentor Club.

SSE Riga Mentor Club
Strelnieku iela 4a
Riga, LV-1010, Latvia

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SSE Riga Mentor Club Manager
Līva Brēmere
Phone: + 371 29265627