Study Programmes

Study Programmes

More than 1800 students have graduated from SSE Riga so far, and many of them hold high managerial positions or have started their own businesses.

SSE Riga is a comparatively small school with a dynamic international learning environment where the majority of the courses are based on the case study method. Tuition is charged, and instruction is in English. In addition to student loans guaranteed by the government and SSE Riga, students have access to other types of financial support, such as SSE Riga Alumni Association Scholarships for first-year students.

SSE Riga offers two accredited study programmes: a three-year Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business, and an Executive MBA - a two-year professional Master’s programme:

  • 125 students every year are admitted to the Bachelor’s programme;
  • 30 students every year enrol in the Master’s programme.

SSE Riga Executive Education offers effective training and management development solutions to local and international clients in the private and public sector through the following:

  • Custom programmes – designed to meet the specific needs of the organization;
  • Open programmes – seminars and workshops.

BSc Alumni Statistics

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