SSE Riga Choir

The SSE Riga Choir was founded the same year as SSE Riga – 1994, and throughout the years it has played an integral role in the School’s social and cultural life.

The choir tradition is deeply rooted in the culture of the three Baltic countries, and with choir members representing all three Baltic countries the SSE Riga Choir is in a unique position for carrying this tradition forward. The SSE Riga Choir unites current and former students who are passionate about singing.

As a multi-cultural choir, the repertoire surpasses genre, period and national limitations. The concert programmes vary in form and theme, and include Medieval, Renaissance, sacred, jazz, and popular music - and also world ethnic music from India, the Australian aborigines, and the Native Americans. This allows both singers and listeners to expand their knowledge and understanding of the endless variations in music over time and experience its beauty.

The choir performs at the majority of the School's events, and as a tradition holds a concert before Homecoming each year.

The SSE Riga Choir has participated in Latvian Song Festivals, Baltic Student Song Festivals, and many other events. The choir has toured the Baltics, Italy, Austria, the Ukraine, Sweden and Switzerland.

20th Anniversary Concert in pictures >

SSE Riga Choir Discography

"The Galante Choice" (2001)
The world-famous soprano Inese Galante performs with the SSE Riga Choir and the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra

"Rakstā! Rakstā!" (2007)
Folk songs from the Baltics performed a capella by the SSE Riga Choir

Wendall Whalum, "Betelehemu" >
Rafael Alberti, "Se equivoco la paloma" >
Urmas Sisask, "Sanctus" >
Mārtiņš Brauns, "Saule, Pērkons, Daugava" >

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Choir Conductors:

Lauris Goss

Elina Karaseva