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SSE Riga BSc alumni pursue their master’s studies in more than 115 universities all over the world; while a small fraction continue graduate studies right after graduation from SSE Riga, the majority opt for graduate studies after 3-5 years of work experience. SSE Riga alumni are currently building successful careers in different companies in more than 50 countries

  • 10 years after graduation almost every third BSc graduate from Latvia leads and/or owns a company in Latvia.
  • In total there are 463 companies in Latvia that are led or owned by an SSE Riga BSc graduate.
  • The most popular industry is Consulting, in particular, business consulting services, followed by Communications (mostly software programming), Wholesale & Retail of very different product categories, Real Estate Management, and Finance & Insurance.
  • 13 out of 100 largest companies in Latvia are led by an SSE Riga BSc graduate
  • The total turnover of all 463 companies that are led or owned by an SSE Riga BSc graduate is 5.20 billion EUR (in 2015), and the total number of employees at these companies exceeds 20 thousand.
  • Five BSc graduates are in the management board of the TOP 10 largest companies in Latvia.

Top Countries





United Kingdom




United States



SSE Riga graduates work in 50+ countries worldwide.


Top Industries


Finance & Banking

Audit & Consulting

IT & Telecommunication

Retail & Wholesale

Advertising & Media


Production & Construction

Education & Research

Energy & Utilities




SSE Riga has over 2,000 alumni worldwide, more information can be found at the alumni website

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